Portsmouth and Winchester Diocesan Academies Trust

The Diocese of Portsmouth and Diocese of Winchester

Map of Diocesan Schools and Academies

A map of the Diocese of Portsmouth and the Diocese of Winchester schools and academies can be found attached above.

Academies are indicated by a white circle.


The Education team exercises the functions of the Diocese as a statutory partner in the state maintained education sector in England.

The work is overseen by a Diocesan Board of Education which serves both the Portsmouth and the Winchester Dioceses. It was the first such agreement between two dioceses in the Church of England.

Further information about the two dioceses' can be found by following these links:

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The Portsmouth & Winchester Diocesan Board of Education (PWDBE) fulfils the Dioceses’ Statutory responsibilities in relation to maintained Church of England schools and education in general. The P&WDBE consists of:


  • The Diocesan Bishops;

  • Chairman, appointed alternately by each Diocesan Bishop;

  • One person nominated by each diocesan bishop of the Dioceses, each person so nominated being either a suffragan bishop or a full-time assistant bishop in the diocese concerned or an archdeacon of an archdeaconry in that diocese;

  • Fourteen members, being seven members elected by each diocesan synod of the Dioceses;

Of the seven members elected by each diocesan synod of the Dioceses:

(a) at least one shall be a clerk in Holy Orders beneficed or licensed in the diocese concerned;

(b) at least three shall be lay persons;

(c) at least three shall be members of the diocesan synod concerned;

(d) at least one member shall be either a clergyman being beneficed or licensed within each archdeaconry or a layman being resident or on the electoral roll of a parish situated within each archdeaconry; and

(e) in the case of the members elected by the diocesan synod of the Diocese of Portsmouth at least two of those elected shall be resident on the Isle of Wight

  • Four members co-opted by the Board, who shall be persons with experience of Church Schools;

  • One further member nominated by each diocesan bishop of the Dioceses;

  • Secretary to the Board – Director of Education