Portsmouth and Winchester Diocesan Academies Trust

Scheme of Empowerment

The Trust Board empowers and delegates a number of activities to Local Governing Bodies (LGB's) of the constituent academies.


Local Governors

Individuals who sit on LGB's are referred to as ‘local governors’. This is because directors/trustees can delegate some governance activities at a local level. Trustees have complete discretion over what is delegated to each LGB. The details of what has been delegated from the trustees to local governors is recorded in a scheme of empowerment, more commonly known as a scheme of delegation. This makes it clear what functions the Board has empowered the local governing body to undertake.



It is important to note that local governors are not trustees of the Portsmouth and Winchester Diocesan Academies Trust Board (P&WDAT), unless they also sit on the academy trust board.

It also should be noted, however, that even where trustees have delegated functions to local governors, the trustees remain accountable and responsible for these functions. 

Aspects of delegation can be removed from local governing bodies at any time if there are concerns about the performance of an academy. This forms part of the Accountability Procedures agreed between the Trust and its constituent academies.


The scheme of empowerment for the Trust academies can be found below: